23 Steps Of J

Hi alls

Last Sunday I went to visit Genesis Store, 1st floor MBK Center for this event – 23 Steps Of J, The First Air Jordan Exhibition in Thailand

So many nice Air Jordans since Air Jordan I to Air Jordan XXIII

Let pics speak by themselves…

Genesis Store, 1st floor MBK Center

The Air Jordans Display

OG 1985 Air Jordan I, Mint Condition!!!

Really love this pack, Air Jordan VI Retro & Air Jordan XI Retro Concord from The Defining Moments “DMP” Pack

Air Jordan VI Retro Carmine from Colleczione 6/17 Coundown Pack

Air Jordan VI Retro Olympic

Air Jordan V Retro Laser Rare Air

Air Jordan IX Retro from Colleczione 9/14 Countdown Pack

Air Jordan XI Black/Red colorway, one of my favourtite model…

Air Jordan III Retro Flip

Air Jordan IV Retro Mars

Air Jordan I Retro x Levi’s

Air Jordan XIII Retro from Colleczione 10/13 Countdown Pack, my another favourite…

Air Jordan XXIIIs Wall

Number 20 from 23 Pairs worldwide with MJ’s Autograph!!!…

Mister Michael Jordan – The Legend

The Jerseys

The Babys

Air Jordan I 1994 from Pae & Air Jordan IV Retro Laser Rare Air from me

It’s so good that we have The Good Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand although it’s just a small exhibition but I can see Their Love & Their Respect to The Legend they love…

same as me too…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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