Nike Zoom Victory+

Hi alls

Show you another pairs I got from Khun Edward

Nike Zoom Victory+, Flywire Technology again, my new running shoe…

When I got this pairs, I put my sensor with The Nike+ SportBand & went out running at the football field in my village…

I won’t tell you the result, too shame, but this pairs is lightweight & it’s really work with The Nike+ SportBand

And this is my mission, Nike+ The Human Race, The World’s Largest Running Event, I need to run 10 kms for this mission that will happen in Singapore end of this month, that’s why I got this pairs from Khun Edward & Bubble Bee

I can see Another Hardest Thing In My Life now (I prefer play basketball like 2-3 hours without break than running 10 kms)…

THX Khun Edward & Bubble Bee from Nike Thailand again…

More update coming soon…

Jeed s.


One Response to “Nike Zoom Victory+”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hello. What can you write about these shoes? I would like to buy it but I need to know opinions about ones. Cheers.

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