New Balance 575 x Staple Design – Pigeon At Genesis BKK

Hi alls

From last topic about Genesis Store on Last Saturday they dropped 2 Most Wanted Pairs in Thailand, Nike Air Max 1 Supreme Safari ‘Keep Rippin’ Stop Slippin’ & New Balance 575 x Staple Design – Pigeon

For This New Balance 575 x Staple Design – Pigeon, there are only 8 pairs in Thailand, only 1 pairs for each sizes with the special rules – Lucky Raffle Draw Sessions

The rules are we had to leave ID Card to the staff & tell them what size we wear, started drop ID cards at 4.00 pm. & will do the draw sessions at 6.00 pm….

I went there around 4.00 pm., first I’m just wanna check out the scene how it’s going, then I changed my mind & wanted to enjoy this competition too ‘coz everybody will get the chance all the same, so it’s all about Their LUCK

When I arrived…

Met my twins

Last 10 mins before the draw…

Started!!! you can see how many people were waiting for this 8 pairs!!! almost 100 people…

The first one who got a luck with his size (US.8)…

Then this was my LUCKY day ‘coz I Won The Pairs in my size (US.9) which I was like “HOLY SHIT!!!” , I couldn’t believe ‘coz at least 21 people in same size as mine but I got it YEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH!!!

Me (with my new hair cut) (US.9), Pae’ (US.11), Ball (US.8.5), Chin (US.10.5), Petch (US.12) & Poe (US.10)…

No tricks, no hooked up, no forced, everythings were clear, it’s all about LUCK I had that day (maybe ‘coz of I cut my hair, hehe)…

New Balance 575 x Staple DesignPigeon, this pairs are “Talk Of The Town” now (the problem between Jeff Staple from Staple Design & Nike)…

Please Don’t Jealous Or Hate Me, I were lucky than you guys on that day, that’s it…

Next time will be your turns… 🙂

Hate The Game, Don’t Hate The Player (And I’m just LUCKY)

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


3 Responses to “New Balance 575 x Staple Design – Pigeon At Genesis BKK”

  1. MayBeWear & RaiJin Clothing Says:


    เห็นสีหน้าผู้ที่ได้แล้วมีความสุขด้วยจริงๆ ไม่เสียดายเลยที่ไปร่วมสนุกในคราวนี้ ไม่เจอเพื่อนๆ ได้เจอน้องๆ นี้แหละสำคัญที่สุด…

  2. โชคดีจังเลยยยยยยยยยยยยยย

  3. damn nice!bro

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