Behind The Scene

Hi alls

Show you guys some pics behind the scene from Designed For Sport, Remastered For Life : Nike Sportswear Event since last Thursday 14th night until the event day Friday 15th

1.45 am.

4.40 am., after the containers arrived & started working…

5.30 am.

8.00 am., when I backed to the venue…

8.10 am., when The Cortez Racing Arcade Game arrived…

12.30 am., when InkJet was doing their works…

13.10 pm., when Wen checked The Cortez Racing Arcade Game

14.45 pm., NSW Tee

14.45 pm., Air Force 1

15.30 pm., Nike Sportswear Logo

16.00 pm., Ink Jet still working on the last container…

17.10 pm., NSW M.C. – Chris Horwang

17.15 pm., Bubble Bee‘s sweetie kicks, WMNS Air Force 1 Lemon Colorways

18.10 pm., when the crowds arrived…

18.50 pm. when Apartment Khunpa performed…

Try to show you more pics if I have…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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