DEX PISTOLS Live in Bangkok!!!

Hi alls

Here’s what I said from last Nike Sportswear Event topic, our Grand Closing Party!!!

Nike Sportswear in association with NatSarasasGoneFarBeyond present…


Saturday 6th September 2008 at Club Culture Bangkok

Featuring DJ. P*P (Casette Playa), DJ.Oum & DJ.Eggroll (Coco Night)…

Ticket : Guys – 500 Baht / Girls – 300 Baht (But get 100 Baht discount if you wear Nike Sportswear)…

This would be one of THE BIGEEST PARTY of This Year!!! as you know who DEX PISTOLS are, so no need to tell you guys how kool they are (Daft Punk Concert in Tokyo, Undercover Exhibition in HK, Fuji Rock Festival, ETC…)…

Don’t Miss!!! seriously I’m working so hard to get them here & I can guarantee that you won’t be dissappoint to this party for real…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “DEX PISTOLS Live in Bangkok!!!”

  1. ขอบคุณสำหรับบัตรนะครับ


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