Nike+ The Human Race 10K Singapore : Day 2 : Part 1 : Sightseeing

Hi alls

For my Day 2, all the crew except Jimmy went out to Far East Plaza, Nat had to buy his new running shoe ‘coz he forgot to bring shoe here…

The Human Race 10K is in everywhere…

After that Me & Bubble Bee split the crew to Queensway Shopping Center to check out Limited Edt. Store

Didn’t get anything from there…

While I was waiting for order my lunch with Bubble Bee, saw someone who ready for the 10K run but see what he wears…

After done my lunch, Bubble Bee backed to the hotel first & I went back to check out at Far East Plaza again…

Far East Plaza


Didn’t get any stuffs again, although there have some nice stores such as Black Chamber, Warped but nothing interest for me, so I went back to the hotel & prepare myself for my 10K Run in evening…

More update coming soon for my Day 2 Part 2

Jeed S.


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