Nike Sportswear Presents Dex Pistols Live in Bangkok!!! Part 3 : Chillin’

Hi alls

Last day with Dex Pistols, went to pick them up around 12.30 am. then went to Central World Plaza for brunch…

Dim Sum at Grand China Restaurant, Central World Plaza

After done our brunch, headed to the most favourite place to stop by, Jatujak Weekend Market


The weather was killing us especially all Japanese friends but Daruma were really enjoyed shopping at Jatujak, been there around 2 hours before left to massage at Health Land Sathorn for 2 hours before backed to the hotel…

Daruma asked me to chilling with him at his room, very nice decoration…

Enjoyed his new stuffs from Jatujak Market

Then Maar came to chillin’ with us & watched some Japanese TV Show about Oldschool Game Practise from DVD they brought from Tokyo

Went out to Falabella for dinner around 8.00 pm….

Dinner with Singapore & Malaysia Crew

After done dinner, I took Daruma, Maar & Araki went out shopping at Suanlum Night Bazaar, before backed to Falabella to said goodbye to all crews before backed to the hotel around 11.30 pm….

Went to pick them up around 5.30 am., sent them at the Suwarnabhumi Airport around 7.00 am….

THX for the great party you’d done overhere, one of the dopest party in this year!!!

More pics from this party at Streething which Chooee just posted it…

Jeed S.


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