My Birthday Gifts

Hi alls

I got the gifts from my friends which I don’t think would have anyone to give me in this year…

A necklace from Patrick the Daddy

The Last Resistance Shirt – Gold Digger from Aopsher, Jim & Boy…

THX you guys so much, I don’t think I would get any gifts but so glad now…

I believe everyone would be like me, wishing anyone to care or do somethings for yourself in your birthday, no matter what it is – SMS, email, a call or anything…

It’s not how much it costs or how worth it is but it’s all about some care that you have to your friend, I’m happy that my friends they do care me

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “My Birthday Gifts”

  1. i love ur necklace krub p’Jeed
    very nice!!

  2. it’s me your sis. just wanna wish u a happy belated birthday (can’t really remember if i already wished u on fb)….anyway just letting u know that i’ll be back to bkk hopefully this friday if not next monday. so want a bday gift from AA? hit me with anything u like 😀 miss u bro!!

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