Ornaree – My Idol!!!

Hi alls

Last Saturday after done watched The Big Red Fight – Liverpool vs. Manchester United (guess you all knew the result, sorry to say this again Russ ;-P) with Wen, went to see Bubble Bee at Club Culture (again) for some party she sponsored a bit – Generation Terrorist, a little part of Nike Sportswear

I went to this party (which totally NOT my style) ‘coz just only wanna see this artist Ornaree, one of my idol since young, she’s The First Grunge Rock Artist in Thailand & totally unique, hard to find an artist like this…

She don’t have any perform much since her last album which took so long long times (10 – 15 years??? I can’t remember) but tonight she came back to performed her new solo album which will out soon also her old hits…

Girl Drummer, excellent skills…

Tried some technic, not too bad for a beginner like me…

Found the lotus, hehe…

I’m her big fan, will back to be her groupie again, you can say my red face, got a bit drunk…

After that would be some local band Slur & Bubble Bee‘s most favourite band Futon but I’m not into them also had to go to see my Japanese friend Rintaro who arrived Bangkok around midnight too, so left there early…

It was good to see her performed again, really enjoyed her performance also got a bit drunk from Kamikaze (which should be a lemonade with a little bit vodka that shouldn’t get drunk at all for all drunkers) that Bubble Bee bought me a drink for my Birthday too, hahaha…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “Ornaree – My Idol!!!”

  1. jumpdafcukup Says:

    Don’t you believe that I still got the first issue of GT Mag .. and some issue later on.

    Wish I was there too.


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