My Birthday Gifts # 2

Hi alls

Just recieved the gifts from James, a friend from MJ Town Chicago (I Love This Town!!!) he sent me a birthday gift…

Nike Dunk High Supreme Octagon Quilt PackBlue Colorway


Also got N*E*R*D Oldschool Tour Tee from Chin Human Kind Factor Clothing Label, Classic!!!

THX James for this nice gift, appreciate that so much, hope your store will open real soon, thx again, Chi Town!!! (find me Common‘s Autograph man, haha)…

THX Chin from HKF for a nice tee, I like it bro, THX!!!

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “My Birthday Gifts # 2”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!!!! YOUR A VIRGO! ME TOO< MY BIRTHDAY WAS ON THE 15th. You are like me, I read your blog and you are just like me but in another part of the world. that is crazy.

    my address:

    thanks man!

    happy birthday again!

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