Welcome To Thailand Rintaro!!!

Hi alls

My Japanese friend Rintaro came to visit Thailand & Me, since Sep 13thSep 17th, he used to work for Nike Japan, we’ve met since Nike : Be True BKK Event last February also in Beijing for The Nike Chinese Federation Launch & Nike Sportswear Launch I went, now time for his long holidays (from what he told me, haha) before start his own company with his friends real soon…

While waiting for him at Fraser Suites Langsuan, the place I organized the rooms for him & his another 3 friends who are his old mates who ballin’ together in the basketball team since young until now, after I left Bubble Bee from Club Culture, when they arrived here & unpacked then took them out for late dinner…

Rintaro was starving…

Rintaro‘s friends at Nguan Lee Restaurant, Lang Suan

First I planned to take them out to Jatujak Weekend Market (again) on Sunday but got a bit sick, so they went out by themselves around Bangkok, on Monday night Bubble Bee would like to give a dinner to Rintaro, so we had a dinner at Me Hang Restaurant, Suanlum Night Bazaar before went out shopping around there…

Here’s the gifts Rintaro gave me, Mix For Dummies Mixtape CDs mixed by Masterpiece Sound & Girlz Gone Wild Mixtapes CDs Reggae Dancehall mixed by Stamina-X

On Tuesday night, Me & Bubble Bee took them out to Bed Supper Club, their last night in Bangkok before flew back to Tokyo on Wednesday night, Nat came to join with us too…

Mabo The Surfer, Mackey The Dentist, Bubble Bee The PR, Katchi The Dentist (too) & Rintaro The Energy

Mackey The Dentist, he has his own dental care, totally opposite with his outfits & he always come to Thailand more than 20 times now…

Rintaro got drunk now

Mabo The Surfer, tried to taking some photos…

Katchi The Dentist, the most quiet in the crew…

Nat & Mackey

Mackey & Rintaro

Nat & Japanese crew…

When Rintaro got drunk, haha…

Got this photo from some party photographer dude in Facebook, Mabo, Me & Mackey

Went to send them at the airport on Wednesday night around 9.00 pm., it was good to hang out with them especially Rintaro again, they were enjoyed Bangkok so much…

Although we have a problem about Politics but Bangkok still safe for Tourists

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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