Nike Free Hybrid Boot

Hi alls

Got this nice pairs from Bubble Bee last Wednesday

Nike Free Hybrid Boot, very light, stylish & comfort…

This Hybrid Boot will match with a nice shirt, trust me…

It dropped here for a long time but I just got it & didn’t realize how really nice it is & nobody like it (I never see anyone wear this pairs), the new colorways will drop here soon, so if you like somethings different, then go get this model…

THX Bubble Bee so much for this nice pairs again, love it

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


3 Responses to “Nike Free Hybrid Boot”

  1. I got these as well, they are great and not too many people like them!!!

  2. keitho elltiotti Says:

    how much are those in bangkok?
    they didn’t drop in singapore…
    what about the sand colorway?

  3. […] pairs is so really nice & since I addict to wear my Free Hybrid Boot like almost everydays, first when I saw this pairs I was like gone crazy ‘coz this one can go […]

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