Asian Hiphop Festival At Impact Arena

Hi alls

Last Saturday I went to Impact Arena for Asian Hiphop Festival, a big Hiphop Festival in Thailand, with so many Hiphop Artists all around Asia, the hi-light was The Hiphop Legend – Nas

Arrived there around 4.00 pm. with my bro Biggie who came to help me to do some features for Crooked TonguesWhat’s One Wearing at there, THX again bro!!!

A brother’s booth from Sneaka Villa

Another sisters’ booth from Vzy & SuperrZaaap

Cocolo Clothing Label From Osaka, Japan

Sorry I totally forgot the name of their crew but they are Rappers from Taiwan

Some Percussion Performance from Indonesia (If I was right) at the small stage…

Before the concert started while I was waiting for Bubble Bee

The big Graffiti wall…

The concert started with DJs Scratch Performed & B-Boy Crew from Korea – Maximum Crew

Then the first was Korean RapperOne Sun

There were so many Hiphop Artists around Asia, 24 Herbs from Hong Kong, MC.Hot Dog from Taiwan, Joe Flizzow from Malaysia, Beatmathics from Philipines (my most favourite artist that night!!!) & here’s another one I was waiting to see…

Zeebra from Japan

Then time for Thaitanium

The Crowd

Thaitay Grouppie, haha… ;-p

Then Nas, went on stage around midnight but half of the crowds were gone ‘coz it was quite late, came with DJ.Green Latern too…

He went on stage with all Nike Sportswear Stuffs!!!Nike Windrunner Jacket, NSW Tee & Nike Air Max 90, Fila gonna be pissed off him for sure, but Bubble Bee was happy, haha…

A rapper from Philipines crew – Beatmathics, he got an excellent skill…

Then Kelis on the stage!!! featuring in the song “If I Rule The World“…

I left there before the show was done, Nas performed OK (well it would be more great if all the crowds still been there & started the show earlier) he came with his all time favourite songs & we all were enjoyed with him seriously, it was a good chance to see one of my favourite artists in Bangkok

Big Up to Khan & Thaitanium for made this festival happened, also THX Bubble Bee for free tickets…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “Asian Hiphop Festival At Impact Arena”

  1. Wow…. it must have been one heck of concert!! History in the making!!! I wonder where the next Asian Hip-Hop festival will be and who will participate in it too. Asian Hip-Hop let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!

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