Congratulations On Getting Married “P’Tuang”

Hi alls

Last Friday evening I went to my friend’s marriage P’Tuang, it was surprised when he called & told me he would get marry, all of friends were surprising & wanted to know who was that girl, he just said, you will see, haha…

At The Thai Royal Army Club

Gift & Noon, get married last year & just had a cute daughter

Congratulations Bro!!!

Na Aon, Umm & Wen

Some friends (that I don’t know them too)…

With Ex-Miss Thailand World (I forgot the year), P’Pop

When P’Tuang sang a song that his brother Tak wrote by himself…

Congratulations to my brother P’Tuang who all of friends couldn’t believe that he would get married, haha…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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