Thailand Go Go!!!

Hi alls

Went to see Bubble Bee today, she gave me this jersey…


Thailand National Football Team Jersey, Official Edition






Finally the official one out now, go get yours & support our team (although they’re not so well)…

THX Bubble Bee & Nike Thailand again for this jersey…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


6 Responses to “Thailand Go Go!!!”

  1. Really NICE shirt and logo. It’s a shame you are crap at football! 😉

    (To all my Thai friends – Only Joking)

  2. เซ็งว่ะคุณ
    ลิเวอร์พูล แม่ง ตกรอบ

    แต่เอาวะ ปีนี้ พรีเมียร์ๆๆๆ

  3. the blue one is also awesome. grab it Bro. !!!


  4. เสื้อสวยมากครับพี่^^

  5. sneakersociety Says:

    I think it’s so nice but too Brazil Team.

  6. […] the match, Thai People still support their National Team, includes me (although I didn’t wear Nike Thai National Team Jersey, please don’t blame me Bubble Bee ;-p) no matter good or […]

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