Woofin’ Magazine (Again) & Back Channel In Thailand

Hi alls

Last 2 weeks since Tuesday (Nov 18th), our Japanese friend from Japanese Musics & Lifestyle Magazine Woofin’ Okushi came here with Japanese Skateboard Clothing Label Crew – Back Channel for their Spring/Summer 2009 Catalog which should publish in February Issue next year…


Welcome dinner at Gyumaru Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant, Okushi (Woofin’), Toshi (Back Channel’s Owner) & Kuma (Back Channel’s Stylist)…



On Wednesday went to see him at Queens Park for their first photo shooting, arranged everything for them, moved to Rama 8 Bridge in evening…


Back Channel ModelAoi (aa – oo – ii)…





Dinner at Coca Restaurant Surawong, Okushi & Toshi


Kuma & Aoi


Toshi & Aoi looked for some souvenirs…






Then hanged out in Thai Style at Farabella on Wednesday night (Nov 19th) with Groove Riders, Toshi hanged out with one of my brother Boy, & enjoyed so much…


Okushi, Toshi, Alex (our friend in Bangkok) & Kuma at Nat‘s office, their last day (Nov 25th) in Thailand

It was good to looked after them while they were here, hanged out & enjoyed with them…

Will see them in next year again…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


3 Responses to “Woofin’ Magazine (Again) & Back Channel In Thailand”

  1. aediorama Says:

    Halo kub, Yes I think so, “Guu Chart”… or Destroy Chart? Now we have to wait kub, huh.. bullshit happened. Anyway you always got many cool stuffs kub, cheers!

  2. […] On Feb 24th, I got surprised from Fedex that dropped A Big Parcel in front of my house that came from My Japanese Friend Okoshi who working for Woofin’ Magazine that last visited he came for Back Channel Clothing Spring & Summer 2009 Photo Shooting… […]

  3. […] Mar 2nd, Our Good Friend Toshi from Japanese Streetwear Label Back Channel visited Thailand again, this time he brought his family […]

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