True~ True~ x Sneaka Villa : Original Bastard

Hi alls

Here’s the new collaboration between me & my brother Ballistic from Sneaka Villa Shop, since the 1st collaboration we did, now time for 2nd Episode








True~ True~ x Sneaka Villa : Original Bastard

Inspired from D.Q. favorite menu – Blizzard

Comes in White / Navy / Dark Green, with Limited Quantity

Drop in this Sat at Sneaka Villa

Support Our Local!!!

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


3 Responses to “True~ True~ x Sneaka Villa : Original Bastard”

  1. ชอบ อยากได้สีน้ำเงินหรือสีเขียวมากๆ แต่เมื่อวานไม่ได้เข้าสยามเลยติดงาน อด…. T ^ T

  2. […] Hotwave 91.5 Radio FM & Music TV Program O.I.C. at Sneaka Villa Shop that he came to supported my collaboration tees & he’s one of a Big Fan of N*E*R*D same as me […]

  3. […] done with Ball, the owner of Thai Local Streetwear Sneaka Villa since last time I’d done with The Original Bastard & Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game with the very good supported from locals now […]

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