Indikator Presents The True Soul

Hi alls


My dude Leo sent message to me about his party, Indikator Presents The True Soul on Dec 16th, then I met him again on last Tuesday at Siam Sqaure & reminded me about his party, so I went to see him at Cosmic Cafe’ – R.C.A. for supported my friend & his band…




Indikator is a Hip-HopFunk Soul Group, it’s kinda like a special project ‘coz some members they already had thier own band, there are 8 members (Sinnamon from DujadaM.C., Singha from Squeeze AnimalGuitar, Noon a.k.a. DJ.Conloy from DujadaTurntables, Ping from Monotone GroupDrum, my friend LeoSynthesizer, Keyboard (Thai guy), Bass (Foreigner guy) & Singer (Foreigner‘s girl), so this group is mixed both Thais & Foriegners but love in the same kind of music











They covered Hip-Hops, Funks & Souls which it’s very very hard to find The Local Band who playing this kinda musics these days in Thailand (this band is 2nd one in my life that I ever seen in Thailand, the 1st one was playing R&Bs & Souls)…

A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, TLC, Janet Jackson, Estelle, Kanye West, ETC

It was good to see they performed, I would say this band is really dope & I can feel something fresh in Thai Music Industry now, they will have their own songs very soon…

THX my friend Leo for this party too…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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