The Supporters

Hi alls

On DEC 13th was a good day that me & my bro Ballistic dropped our collaboration tee : The Original Bastard at his store, I thought it would be great if we take photos of people who came to support us, so I asked my good bro Biggie for some help & he loved to help us…


Me & Biggie with The Orginal Bastard Tee & The Original Design in my hand…

Around 60-70 people came to support our works since the shop opened in 1.00 P.M. & allowed us to take their photos while they wore our tees…


Ballistic, Meng, Champ, Fill & Nut in the evening…


Our PhotographerBiggie, THX so much bro for help!!!…



All the photos we took on that day, me & Biggie was thinking to do something to give back to our supporters, it wasn’t a big day but it was a good moment for me…

It’s just a small part in the scene here, and people will forget it one day but at least people who get involved in this project were trying to keep things going without Bad Feelings

THX So Much to All Supporters to be a part of this good moment, appreciate that

THX So Much to My Good Bro Biggie to helped me again…

THX So Much to My Good Bro & Partner Ballistic for this project, we just clicked then we made it!!!…

All I got from this project is not a big money, what I got are “Some Energy” that pushing my back to Keep Doing My Works

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “The Supporters”

  1. I love ur work again krub
    already bought it

    and the other thing to say
    I love P’Big’s photograph krub

    from … supporter ^^

  2. พูดสั้นๆว่า เยี่ยม ครับพี่

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