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Celebrate 60 Years Of Originality

Posted in All Shits!!! on February 28, 2009 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

On Feb 27th, After left Nat’s Birthday Dinner from Lyon Restaurant around 9.00 pm., headed to Moonstar Studio for Adidas Celebrate 60 Years Of Originality with The House Party Concept


Crooked Tongues Represented





Ryukyu Disco were on stage when I were there…

I arrived there around 10.00 pm. which I missed the fashion show but still have people hanged around at the party, Kazuki was there & he was so quiet, there had some Street Magic Show too…


CT Munchen & CT Superskate BBQ

Congratulations to Adidas for their 60 Years, although I don’t wear Adidas much & you know why but it’s not like I can’t say this words to them…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


Happy Birthday To My Best Friend Nat Sarasas

Posted in All Shits!!! on February 28, 2009 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

On Feb 27th, woke up early morning & went to see my friend Nat at his house & went to Wad Paknarm Phasicharoen Temple for His Birthday Ceremony






After that we backed to the town & I went home before went out again in evening for The Celebrate Dinner at French Restaurant – Lyon with All Nat’s Close Friends





Had a good time at Lyon Restaurant

I left the place earlier ‘coz of I had to go to Adidas House Party, so after done my things, went to see them again at My 2nd Home Esco Bar, while I had another Brother Matt’s Birthday Party too, so we were gone crazy, haha…







With My Business BuddysKai, Chin & Me

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Nat Sarasas again, hope he gets whatever he wants…

All The BEST!!!, No You No Me today too

THX So Much for being A Really Best Friend

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.

Ordinary Atelier Chambray Shirt From Bangklyn Project

Posted in All Shits!!! on February 27, 2009 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

On Feb 26th, went out to WaD MahaButh Temple in afternoon, made a merit for A Little Dog that got crashed last night before went to Siam Square get some magazines & stopped by at P’Pae’s ShopBangklyn Project & bought this shirt from him…





Oridnary Atelier Chambray Shirt, vintage one (if I’m right)…

I really like the color buttons & shape, vintage style…

THX P’Pae from Bangklyn Project So Much for this nice shirt & good discount too, Appreciate That

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.

R.I.P. A Little Dog

Posted in All Shits!!! on February 26, 2009 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

On Feb 25th, this would be A Saddest Night for me since starting this year…

My Brother Boy came to pick me up at night, we went to hang out with our friends Vudi & Nat at Falabella, after that Boy & Me stopped by at Mcdonalds before backed home…

While we were on the way back in Onnut Road around 2.15 am., we saw A Little Dog just got crashed by a car, it just happened like less than a minute ago when we were there, Boy asked me what we gonna do, shall we help it? I said stop the car & we must help it ‘coz we saw it’s still alive, we stopped the car about 10 metres from it…

That time I saw another dog which should be a friend was barking & stayed near that dog on the road, seems like he was asking for Help but Nobody Cared It

Then “The Saddest Moment” happened, we ran to see him immediately & was thinking where is The Nearest Pet Hospital in Bangkok that open 24 hours…

Then I saw at least “3 Taxis” drove & crashed it in front of my eyes, like they don’t know what it is or maybe they knew but they don’t give a fuck

Boy & Me were like “Fuck!!!” ‘coz we almost got it but those Taxis drove so fast, when we were at it, it’s already dead

We couldn’t save him, if we ran a bit faster, if we stopped the car earlier, we could help it…


Boy & Me we took his body out of the road & left it at the bush around there…

While we took his body, another dog that was barking all the time ran to us, it didn’t stopped barking, I could feel something like “Please Save My Friend” I were speechless ‘coz I wanted to tell it that’s what I wanted to but it was too late, we came too late…

I knew it’s not a good that I took a photo & blog it here, but I just wanna share my experience ‘coz I really love dogs, this was my first experience in my life…

At least I believe that I did a good thing & tried to save it, although I couldn’t save him but at least I knew I’d done a good karma…

R.I.P. A Little Dog, hope you have a good one in your new place…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.

A Good Chinese

Posted in All Shits!!! on February 25, 2009 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

Before My Hong Kong Trip, I went to China Town Area with my friends Wen & Shin for our new project, after done the things, we walked pass The Chinese TempleWad Mangkorn KamalaWad or Leng Noei Yi in Chinese Name, one of The Most Famous Chinese Temple in town & we stopped by…











Paid Respect, Made A Merit, this was the way I did as A Good Chinese do…

Actually no matter what you do, if you do & believe it’s “Good“, you will get a Good Karma

This is what I believe…


More update coming soon…

Jeed S.

THX Okoshi From H.Y.D.P.

Posted in All Shits!!! on February 24, 2009 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

On Feb 24th, I got surprised from Fedex that dropped A Big Parcel in front of my house that came from My Japanese Friend Okoshi who working for Woofin’ Magazine that last visited he came for Back Channel Clothing Spring & Summer 2009 Photo Shooting





Woofin’ Magazines



Back Channel Spring & Summer 2009 Catalog










DC Shoes Artist Projects Series – SSUR WR

THX Okoshi So Much for these nice stuffs, appreciate that…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.

Nike Sportswear Blazer Supreme Perf In Crooked Tongues News

Posted in All Shits!!! on February 23, 2009 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

On Feb 19th, My U.K. Family Crooked Tongues jsut dropped a news about This Very Nice Pairs



Nike Sportswear Blazer Supreme Perf

I saw this Blazer while I were in Hong Kong at Juice, it looks very premium with the high quality black leather, you can wear this pairs with any outfits even a suit…

Wish I have a chance to get this pairs, so nice…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.