R.I.P. A Little Dog

Hi alls

On Feb 25th, this would be A Saddest Night for me since starting this year…

My Brother Boy came to pick me up at night, we went to hang out with our friends Vudi & Nat at Falabella, after that Boy & Me stopped by at Mcdonalds before backed home…

While we were on the way back in Onnut Road around 2.15 am., we saw A Little Dog just got crashed by a car, it just happened like less than a minute ago when we were there, Boy asked me what we gonna do, shall we help it? I said stop the car & we must help it ‘coz we saw it’s still alive, we stopped the car about 10 metres from it…

That time I saw another dog which should be a friend was barking & stayed near that dog on the road, seems like he was asking for Help but Nobody Cared It

Then “The Saddest Moment” happened, we ran to see him immediately & was thinking where is The Nearest Pet Hospital in Bangkok that open 24 hours…

Then I saw at least “3 Taxis” drove & crashed it in front of my eyes, like they don’t know what it is or maybe they knew but they don’t give a fuck

Boy & Me were like “Fuck!!!” ‘coz we almost got it but those Taxis drove so fast, when we were at it, it’s already dead

We couldn’t save him, if we ran a bit faster, if we stopped the car earlier, we could help it…


Boy & Me we took his body out of the road & left it at the bush around there…

While we took his body, another dog that was barking all the time ran to us, it didn’t stopped barking, I could feel something like “Please Save My Friend” I were speechless ‘coz I wanted to tell it that’s what I wanted to but it was too late, we came too late…

I knew it’s not a good that I took a photo & blog it here, but I just wanna share my experience ‘coz I really love dogs, this was my first experience in my life…

At least I believe that I did a good thing & tried to save it, although I couldn’t save him but at least I knew I’d done a good karma…

R.I.P. A Little Dog, hope you have a good one in your new place…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


5 Responses to “R.I.P. A Little Dog”

  1. เสียใจด้วยนะครับ

  2. Dont b sorry, u have done ur best ka.
    I really understand ur feeling, I love dogs too.

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  4. เศร้ามากๆ ขอให้หลับสบาย…

  5. narinthonk Says:

    Rest In Peace

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