Skull N Bones

Hi alls

Just surfing & found this blog from Hong Kong, Skull N Bones is the name of this blog, one thing that interesting me is the guy who owned this blog he filmed vdos about his trip, the latest he posted was about a new project from Adidas Originals – 3 Way Consortium, he went to visited Goodfoot in Toronto & HUF in San Fransisco

Goodfoot Toronto

HUF San Fransisco

I’m looking for if he has a chance to go visit all my people at Crooked Tongues, haha can’t wait if it will happen…

By bringing together a handpicked crop of 12 global retail figureheads, all given full freedom to do whatever they want with 5 iconic 3-Striped silhouettes as 3 unique groups, adidas have entrusted their valued Consortium partners to share their unique vision collectively, using a ‘Work Amongst Yourselves’ brief.

Representing for Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Shanghai and Tokyo, this collection’s scope is truly global. Patta, Alife, Limited Editions and Sneakers’n’stuff make up the first group, Goodfoot, Undefeated, DQM and Huf make up the second, with the trio completed by the formation of ACU, D-Mop, Crooked Tongues and VA.

The first wave of 3Way Consortium releases from adidas Originals unites three of Europe’s leading sneaker boutiques – Patta, Sneakersnstuff and LimitEditions, representing Amsterdam, Stockholm and Barcelona respectively, with New York’s A.R.C. Opting to rework a shoe each in their own unique style, all four join forces for a fifth shoe that reflects the best of all involved. An eclectic collection, somehow it proves totally cohesive as a whole, reflecting the individual visions of all concerned…

he becomes One Of My Favourite Bloggers now…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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