Welcome To Thailand Again Mackey!!!

Hi alls

On Mar 2oth, My Japanese Friend Mackey visited Thailand again, he brought all his staffs from his company for holiday trip here, but I were busy, so I dated them on Mar 23rd for A Farewell Dinner at Zense Restaurant



Mackey & His Company Staffs


Me around with Japanese Girls, What’s Good Huh??? haha…

It was good to catch up with Mackey again & it was so funny to chatted with his staffs although they can’t speak English

Then Mackey gave me Some Gifts before left…



Nike Sportswear Cortez Fly Motion – Burgundy Colorway Again (-_-)’


Mackey’s Good FriendDJ.Masterkey : King Of Mix

THX Mackey for the gifts, Appreciate That

I will see him again in May, that’s what he told me…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.

PS. I have CDs left, if anyone want it, please leave Your Name & Your Address, I will send it to you (but please wait for a while ‘coz I’m a bit busy now but trying to send it asap to you guys)…


One Response to “Welcome To Thailand Again Mackey!!!”

  1. jumpdafcukup Says:

    Hands up !!!

    thx bro.

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