Dr.Martens Valin & Peter In Crooked Tongues News

Hi alls

On Mar 27th, My Family Crooked Tongues dropped Their New Reviews about One Of The Nicest Dr.Martens Boots I Ever Seen



Dr.Martens Valin (Low) & Dr.Martens Peter (High)…

I used to wear Dr.Martens since it used to very popular here, it became so much popular when All Thai Teens were crazy about Rap Music Trends Fashion like Kris Kross, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, ETC…), I had around 5 pairs of 8 Eye Boots (Black, Burgundy, Blue Suede, Red Patent & Yellow Patent) shared with My Brother

My Mom was so pissed when I bought those pairs but it was about The Trend that time, I didn’t care about it, when Trend Had Changed, those pairs were gone too…

It was good to see Some New Stuffs from Dr.Martens, remind me Some Good Old Days (and Very Funny when I followed Those Trends)…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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