Nike Air Max Penny I New York Knicks Colorway

Hi alls

On Apr 16th, went to the post office to get the box that I’d been waiting for a while…





Nike Air Max Penny INew York Knicks Colorway

Penny Hardaway was One Of My Most Favourite NBA Players when I were younger since first time I saw him with Orlando Magic, he almost being The Next Jordan that time, I used to had this signature pairs but Orlando Colorway also Air Max Penny II & The Foamposite


It was so good to have this pairs again, if I’m right this pairs was New York Exclusive, hard to find this colorway today now…

I’m looking for some old sneakers that reminded me the good old times now & don’t care how sneakers trends are too…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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  1. MayBeWear & RaiJin Clothing Says:

    สวยมากๆ ….

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