Nike Hypermax – Mcfly Colorway

Hi alls

Normally I don’t post topic about sneaker news as much but not this pairs when first I saw it…






Nike Hyper MaxMcfly Colorway

First time when I saw this pairs, I was like Damnnnn, I think it looks nicer than Nike Hyperdunk  Mcfly Colorway (in my opinion), I really like the color combination & materials, remind me One Of My Most Favourite MoviesBack To The Future

I don’t interest in New Style of Basketball Shoes anymore in these days but not this pairs, will waiting for it & hope it will drop in this year soon…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Nike Hypermax – Mcfly Colorway”

  1. Oatzms Says:

    Hot as Hell bro!!!!

  2. MayBeWear & RaiJin Clothing Says:

    ป็อกเห็นแล้วชอบ Tennis Ball มากๆ …

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