Nike Sportswear Air Yeezy – Black/Noir Released At AFICIONADO, Chicago

Hi alls

My friend James from Chicago sent me the link of his friend’s store in ChicagoAFICIONADO which is an exclusive &  secretive store in Chicago with the concept “Members have their Privileges“…

They just threw the party Nike Sportswear Air YeezyBlack/Noir Released Party on May 2nd

More info about AFICIONADO from Sneakerfiles

Sneakerfiles has the first-ever, exclusive insight on a particular store, once thought to be just a rumor, and now the most talked about secretive spot in Chicago. The concept of “members having their privileges” is defined at last, as Aficionado has brought something unheard of to the table; something that dedicated Sneakerheads have been longing for. Though not open to the public, Aficionado has completely revolutionized the true meaning of customer appreciation. Though Sneakerfiles cannot give you a detailed description of Aficionado’s nature, it’s definitely more than just a store. It’s an experience and possibly the most exclusive spot you could ever find that caters to the Sneakerhead.

In short, the main representative of Aficionado told Sneakerfiles, “I used to camp for certain releases and I know how it is. Now its time to pay back all the dedicated sneakerheads that have camped out in every season and in the worst weather.  Its time to pay back the ones that have been loyal over the years to the sneaker game we love

I think I saw my friend James in the link, haha, also Congratulations to people from AFICIONADO too…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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