First Look : Nike Hypermax “McFly” Colorway

Hi alls

Here’s the first look of Nike Hypermax “McFly” Colorway, the rumors said it will release in This Year for sure (should be in Fall or Holiday this year)…







Beautiful, only word I describe this kicks…

The Nike “McFly” Hypermax hearkens forward to Michael J. Fox’s Nike Air Mag he wore in “Back II The Future 2″ in a futuristic 2015 urban environment. The Hyper’s jetstream grey/pale blue/hot pink color scheme matches the Mag’s schema and features several hints from the electronic shoe, including the striped ankle strap and vibrant sockliner. The Hypermax is among Nike’s premier basketball products for 2009, but this special make-up features a nylon upper as opposed to one covered in Flywire strands. Cushioining is provided via Lunar Foam and an Air Max unit. Look for the Nike “McFly” Hypermax in limited numbers at select House of Hoops locations later this year (Sneakerfiles)…

Gonna be A Big Hype again, I will find every ways to get this pairs (in A Retail Price, haha)…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


3 Responses to “First Look : Nike Hypermax “McFly” Colorway”

  1. nice shoes and colourway. I also like the neon yellow colour also. good shoes

  2. macready Says:

    noooo!…. but yes,…. but urrrrgh no!……. but hmmm yeah….. but *barf* no way….. hmm but actually… arrrgh! confusing!!

  3. NICEEE! It is pretty much the same as the one in the movie, isnt it? I wanna be Miss McFly already! ( by retail price, of cause!)

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