Acne Barefoot Tassel Loafers

Hi alls

On June 16th, went to Nat’s Office to do some work with him & also got a package that were sent from Russell, he sent me some shoe that I’m waiting for with his help…











Acne Barefoot Tassel Loafers

I got this pairs from Asos by Russell, found one in Thailand at Club 21 but the price is way too expensive for me although 30% discount & they don’t have my size too…

THX Russell So Much for this loafers, also Gary for suggested me where to get this shoes…

Like Russell said to me, I’m a Fashion’s Victim, hope it’s not too gay, haha…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “Acne Barefoot Tassel Loafers”

  1. Kool, Acne that’s one of the big brands from Sweden, although I ain’t to keen on what they’re doing nowadays, the quality of their denim doesn’t live up to the heavy price tag. Just out of curiosity, what do they cost at Club 21?

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