Jatujak Weekend Market With My Good Friend Han Sern

Hi alls

On Sep 13th, I catched up with My Friend Han Sern from Nike Southeast Asia & headed to Jatujak Weekend Market, One of My Most Favourite Places in Thailand, lucky it didn’t rain but the weather was so hot…




Han Sern is A Very Nice & Very Friendly Guy, we spent whole afternoon by walked around for shopping, had Thai North-Eastern Foods for lunch & had a nice conversation about everything, it was so nice to shared our stuffs while it was hot in there…

We hanged out ’til late evening before went to Suanlum Night Bazaar for a couple drinks, took a bit shopping before sent him back to his hotel…

While I were in Jatujak Market, I were surprised that I found A Pairs that I’ve been looking for a long time but haven’t a chance to get it, Me & Han Sern we just talked about this pairs a day before when I went to Nike Thailand Office, it was funny & very surprised that Han Sern found this pairs & told me…










Converse Product(RED) Chuck Taylor All Star x Lupe Fiasco


I’ve been looking for this pairs for so long, I got a pairs from My NYC Friend Dave from DQM but it’s not a pairs that I want although it’s Lupe’s One too, this pairs came out for a long time, I had a chat with Han Sern about My Favourite Converse & I told him about This Pairs is One of The Most Wanted Converse for me…

Maybe It’s The Destiny, so I wish I would find some nice girl like when I found this pairs too, haha…

This is why I called Jatujak Weekend MarketThe Treasure Island” since a long time ago…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “Jatujak Weekend Market With My Good Friend Han Sern”

  1. P’Jeed krub
    where is the shop that full of shirts located krub?
    Thank you 😀

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