Fish Spa

Hi alls

On Oct 10th, after I’d done the meeting & the dinner with my friends, I went to see Furn who is Nat’s Personal Assistant, she, her friend & her sister opens The Clothing Shop named Hidden Agenda where located at Suanlum Night Bazaar Section Lopburi Soi 3, they have both men & women clothes that designed by themselves…


When I had nothing to do, I always come to hang out in this place, see a lot of different customers & make me enjoy the time while I be there…

I asked Furn & her friend who i met that day New to joined me The Fish Spa ‘coz I really wanna try how it would feel, so we went to the place called Dr.Fish



They said they imported The Garra Ruffa Fish from Japan



First I put my legs, I was like “@#@$%@$@$@@&*&%$#@!!!” hahaha…


Furn & New made their decisions now…


Furn didn’t brave enough, haha…


It sucked my dead cells, it was so fun, tickled & couldn’t stop laugh…


Furn & New were enjoyed now…


I paid 200 baht for 10 mins to let them sucked my feet, it was so much fun & felt like a spark vibration, new experience for me…

Go try it if you have time, it’s really fun…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “Fish Spa”

  1. that’s my friend’s shop. real good, right? hahaha.

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