The Most Expensive Casio G-Shock Watch In Thailand

Hi alls

On Oct 29th, I got a very good chance to see what I will show you now, I would say I’m the first person in Thailand who took photos of this & blog this…



Custom Made Casio G-Shock DW5600, Real Platinum Body & Real Finest A+ Diamonds with A Certificate, 1 Of 1!!!




Details, please check at the details, the craftsmanship is much more better than others, So Delicate

This 1 of 1 Custom Made DW5600 G-Shock will be auction for The G-Shock Event that will keep you post soon!!!…

I’m not sure about the price but it will start at least 700,000 baht…

But it’s not over yet, more dope stuff coming soon!!!…

Keep follow from here!!!…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “The Most Expensive Casio G-Shock Watch In Thailand”

  1. people who is going to be buying this watch will be someone who do not care about money
    the reason behind why it is 1 of 1 is that casio knows it is a niche market and it is just a kind of demonstratively advertisement.
    not interested at all …
    700 000 baht i would buy a rolex x fragment

  2. จ๊ากกกกกกกก ….

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