Happy Birthday To My Good Friend Umm & Welcome To Thailand Earn, Shinichi & Masa!!!

Hi alls

On Dec 6th, went to My Friend Shin’s Wine Bar for My Good Friend Umm’s Birthday Party, also went to see My Good Friend Earn from Surrender, Singapore, Our Exclusive DJs & New Good FriendsOff The Rocker‘ : Shinichi Osawa & Masatoshi Uemura from Japan

A lot of friends showed their love to Umm, enjoyed the playlists from Nat, we also had Ichigawa & Yuzo from Japanese Clothing Label Vanquish & Tommy from Dita Eyewear, it was like A Birthday Party for Umm & Welcome Party for Our Foreigner Friends

Ichigawa, The Owner of Vanquish (at the right)…

Masa, Shinichi & Nat

Masa & Shinichi, Welcome to Bangkok!!!


Earn, Masa & Shinichi

Chut, Vudi & Umm The Birthday Boy

Chut, Toey & Boy

Tommy, Good to see him again here, he influences me a lot & truly nice & friendly guy…

Patrick with his toy…

Shinichi was already gone, haha…

With Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to My Good Friend Umm, Wishing Him All The BEST!!!

Welcome to Thailand My Good Friend Earn from Surrender Singapore, One of The World Class Influencers who inspires me a lot, Good to See him again in Bangkok!!!

Welcome New Good Friends Shinichi Osawa & Masatoshi Uemura from Off The Rocker to Thailand, Very Nice to have you guys as Our Excusive DJs for Shock The World Tour 2009 Bangkok Party!!!

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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