Casio G-Shock G5600A ‘MR WINDSON’ The First Casio G-Shock Thailand Edition

Hi alls

Here’s the full review of Casio G-Shock G5600A ‘MR WINDSON’, The 1st Casio G-Shock Thailand Edition that designed by My Friend Nat which Me & Our Friends were involved to be a part of Design Team too…

This watch was inspired from Hanuman (Son Of The Wind), one of the most important characters in the epic Ramayana

The Box, with Short Diamond Trident (Hanuman’s Weapon) Monogram Pattern

Casio G-Shock G5600A ‘MR WINDSON’

Short Diamond Trident & Thai Traditional Line both top & bottom of the body…

Hanuman with Short Diamond Trident

Stars that Hanuman yawn out, represented the colors of Thailand National Flag

Hanuman’s Skin with the texture of the wind as Son of The Wind

Represents The Gold Bracelet of Hanuman

Only 100 Pieces were made & Not For Sale but will give away for free if you guys buy any Casio G-Shock Products & reach the total at 15,ooo baht per one bill, you will get this watch for free, starts at Dec 15th, only at G-Factory Siam Center & G-Factory Central World only…

You will see the real one at Shock The World Tour 2009 Bangkok Party at Demo Thonglor on Dec 9th

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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