Jeed S.


THX for visited my blog, appreciate that no matter randomly or what

I’m 100% Chinese Blood but Proud to be a Thai

Represents for U-Dox Brand Development, London, U.K. – Crooked Tongues (Thailand) & Thailand Street Culture Scene

I’m a SNEAKERHEAD, running my own clothing label named True~ True~, working for HYPE25 Organizer Company with My Good Friends Wen & Chin that formed together, I also be An Influencer for Nike Thailand, A Global Moderator for Thailand Sneaker & Street Culture Website : Soul4Street

Now I’m working for A New Project with another 3 friends that will be out real soon in 2009…

This is My Personal Blog & it’s a part of my life, I will write anything as I want & Don’t Give A Shit About Anyone

This is Me, I write everything about me, if you guys don’t like it, then go read others & Please Don’t Come Back



X-Treme TV Program (Ch.7) : Junior Creative, Katch Magazine : Editorial Staff, Buzz Magazine : Editor, Warp Magazine : Sub-Editor, Mars Magazine : Advertising Creative, Cheeze Magazine : Editor, Panasonic Event : Organizer, Siam Paragon 2006 New Year Event : Organizer, Central Y Club Party for Central Chidlom Event : Organizer, Manga by Playground : Marketing Communication, Nike Air Force 1 : From Court to Culture 25th Anniversary Event : Organizer, Nike Dunk : Be True Event & After Party : Organizer, Nike Thailand Be@rbrick Project : Artist, Crooked Tongues B.B.Q. Bangkok 2007 Event : Organizer, Nike Sportswear Event & After Party : Organizer, Belvedere IX Party : Artist, Nike Air Yeezy Launch, Casio G-Shock : Shock The World Tour 2009 Bangkok Event & After Party : Organizer, A Designer For Casio G-Shock G5600A ‘MR WINDSON’ Watch, An Artist for Japanese Streetwear Label Kiks TYO for Artist Exclusive S/S 2009, Collaborate with Thai Local Streetwear Labels such as Sneaka Villa, Raijin, INFRD, ETC…

Peace & Respect

Jeed S.

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Twitter : Jeedjaad

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8 Responses to “Jeed S.”

  1. Hello,

    After recently visiting your website, I was impressed, and would like to add it to my links page. I want my visitors at to have good websites to visit once they are done on the website.

    I noticed that on your website you have a link to, I figured you wouldn’t mind if I linked to your website because is similar to that website. Please let me know if this is OK with you. Do you think you can add a link to my site also? Thanks.


  2. Yo whaddup Jeed,

    Its Lance from Hong Kong. Cat from Nike. Anyhow, wanted to get a hold of you and thank you for the gift. I apologize that I didn’t get to bring you out man, it was my girl’s birthday and we were both flying out to Beijing the next day, so it got a bit hectic. Anyhow, here’s my email, so if you get this, holler at me, wanna catch up. Tried to get a hold of Masa, but he hasn’t responded. I’ll hear from you soon.


  3. Champ (Jedie) Says:

    เพิ่งเข้ามาอ่านได้เมื่อวาน กว่าจะอ่านจบทั้งหมดที่มึงเขียนก็เมื่อกี้เนี้ยเอง
    เจ๋งมากเพื่อน อ่านเพลินเลย สนุกมากๆ เราไม่ได้เจอกันนานมาก พอกูได้อ่านก็เหมือนได้เจอมึงทุกวัน รู้ว่าวันๆมึงทำไรไปบ้าง

    เขียนต่อไปนะ จะเข้ามาอ่านเรื่อยๆ



  4. Fucking sick blog man, totally inspirational to see all those amazing buildings, logos and designs. Great photos to. What camera are you using??? I am just about to buy a Canon E0S 450D, can’t wait. I’m a graphic designer myself and love tagging to. Please feel free to check my web site out.

    Time to bookmark your blog now. I have loads to see.


  5. andychan Says:

    it’s me , andychan from HCM city – vietnam , nice blog JEE !! really love it and all your shoes kakaka !! hope 2 meet u there in bkk JEE If have free time ! maybe in my summer holiday

  6. P jeed คับ อยากได้กางเกง true true ตัวที่พี่ใส่จัง custom เองอ่า ทรงสวยดีๆๆ
    มีขายที่ไหนเอ่ยๆ อยากได้กางเกงทรงนี้สุดๆ

  7. อยาก e-mail P’jeed คับ

  8. Howdy!

    Just bumped into your blog googling for some street style in Bangkok. Love your blog, impressive collection of kicks. As I’m also sneakerhead and going from Sweden to Bkk next weekend, I’m wondering if you could give me some tip about what not to miss in BKK. Could use some tip about where I can hook up with some new kicks, clothes and accesories in Bkk, also some tip about interesting Thai brands and designers would be of intrest.

    Kind regards


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